Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long?

Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long? Well this is a tricky blog to write, one that I feel I need to write. Obviously, I can’t speak for any other wedding photographer, but I’ve heard stories from various clients that some photographers just copy the images from their camera direct to disc or USB and present them. This to me seems a little fake and almost a cope out as a photographer. It’s like, in the days of 35mm film simply asking the client to develop the films themselves. A very sloppy way and lazy way to run a business in my eyes. Yet it does have a positive to this way of working. You, the client, receives your images very fast 🙂

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Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long? here’s how I process your images.

This certainly isn’t the way I run my business, I have respect for all my clients and their investment in me as a wedding photographer. As in my previous blog about “what its really like to be a wedding photographer” you should know I’m very picture proud and want every single client to be happy with what I produce for them, this isn’t always the case, but you can’t please everyone can you? Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long? I’ll tell you…

My photo production starts with the back up’s, direct from the card to a master drive and two ghost drives. These I have set aside in a little tower separate to my main PC (that’s right guys I use PC not MAC – Don’t ask me why – I have an ipad and an iphone!), these hard drives are scanned regular for errors or any sign of failure and wont be affected if the PC becomes infected as there are separate. Any sign of either and they are replaced without question. I also have a portable hard drive that also has a copy of all the weddings, and portraits, on. This comes home with me every single night and is safely tucked away in my work bag.

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The Edits.

Is the Focus correct, sometimes as a documentary photographer the eye is quicker than the camera and the occasional image is captured out of focus.

When I start looking over the images, this is usually done with Adobe Lightroom CC19, I make informed decisions on each image for composition, faces, eyes and positioning of the subject right? Is there a child in the background picking their nose? – this happen more than you realise!

Is the lighting, right? Can it be adjusted?

Once I’ve made the decision to keep an image, I then adjust the contrast, highlights, shadows, clarity and sometimes vibrance and saturation depending on the type of image I wish to create. I may also make the change to black and white, which requires further adjustments.

All this is simply like a digital darkroom, but instead of using chemicals and waiting the for the images to dry over the bath, I export them from Lightroom once the wedding images are complete and that’s the first stage complete.

The second part of my editing procedure is using Adobe Photoshop CC19, this is where I tweak the images further taking out those stupid emergency exit sign with the little man running, why are they always behind the bride?

Grinkle park group shot

Now think about that over several weddings and over 1000 ish images per wedding! That’s a lot of images to be processed.

Are they complete yet?

Now once the process has been completed, and you have proofed your images over a well-deserved cuppa in our studio. It’s time to design the USB covers and can take around 2 weeks to produce.

Once the USB arrives, I still must rename all the images to the groom and bride’s name plus a number, resize them for social media and add my USB pricelist and read me documents too. Phew that’s the wedding finally ready to be handed over and signed off. Don’t forget that while I’m tying to do this whole procedure, I also have other meetings, portraits and clients to see.

One of my very good friends always asks if I’ve “perfected the art of cloning myself”…. The answer is always no

Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long? Well hopefully this will give you a better understanding of why your images take a while sometimes, hopefully they are worth the wait.

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