Who Inspires me? who helped with the business? another personal blog of a photographer.

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Been a buys week this week, it’s nice to have a little rest bite and catch up with my blogs talking of which…….


Following on from the success of my last personal blog, ” a-portrait-of-a-wedding-photographer-difficult-post-to-write-but-please-read-its-very-personal-and-hopefully-thought-provoking” click the link if you haven’t already read it. Here is another one for you. Although I might refrain from mentioning gingerbread men in this one, as much as we really appreciate them we had 4 in a day delivered to us! And I have now split a pair of jeans and I’m blaming them, not the sausage rolls I have been eating (that’s true by the way – the trouser splitting!).

I have made it no secret about who has helped me get this far and who has inspired me, but let’s start from the beginning, When I had “The Photo Space” gallery in Whitby back in the day, I bumped into lots of fellow photographers but one became a little more than a fellow photographer, a guy call David from Barnsley who run his own studio, clearly he saw potential in my photography and business, as I was in the process of setting up the studio when we met. He gave that all vital piece of equipment, a pair of studio lights, something every studio should have. These enabled me to set up. Since then we have developed the business to where it is today. The business was started with kit that I already had, no financial investment was put up front so to have the help of equipment was great.

In the early days I relied a lot on various books as I had very little experience professionally behind the camera and one of those books my partner of the time sister bought me for Christmas “Wedding Photography” by Mark Cleghorn. Now that really gave me a massive boost in confidence and creativity. The booked covered everything I need to know about wedding photography, even down to what to ask the client when they came through the door. This was the next stage of the business and my personal development as a photographer. This book we still refer to today as inspiration for our next creations.

I have had encouragement and support along the way from a lot of my friends, but in particular Dave Eagle who has helped and encouraged both myself and more recently Kirsty to be where we are today. Without his guidance and support we wouldn’t have the website, and confidence to be doing what we do on a daily basis.

But the one sole person who has been my biggest inspiration since we first met way back in 2005, has been fellow photographer Keith Moss. I recall one of his images, a bride at Wynyard hall sat on a piano stool and under a massive chandelier. Every time I saw that image the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and still do. I have always aspired to produce work at Keith’s level, although he has had a lot more years than I have to develop his style (not saying you’re old Keith if you read this – meant in a purely artist terms).

More recently we were very lucky to have Keith’s mentorship funded through the local council; this was again the next “step up” in the development of me. By this time Kirsty was becoming part of the business and Keith made us think about every aspect of Discovery Photography, he made us question who we were, were we doing the right thing, were we charging the right prices, did we give the right impression? And most of all where did our passion lie?

Those few months seemed to fly by but seem so fresh in my mind. We still refer to Keith’s sessions even now nearly a year since we had them. Perhaps not in the way Keith intended but certainly when discussing the business Kirsty constantly uses Keith as a weapon against me – “well Keith wouldn’t do that! – well should I just tell Keith and then when he tells you you’ll believe it” happens all the time – THANKS KEITH! With Keith been one of my main inspirations I can’t argue back Kirsty has me in Stale mate!

In this latest stage of both the business and my development, I have Kirsty working alongside me. She also inspires me to push myself and create the best I can, but similarly we push each other, constantly trying to better ourselves to be the best we can as a team.

So to all those people who have helped us along the way, to David from Barnsley for that all important starting point, to Dave Eagle for his continued support, to Mark Cleghorn for producing such a fantastic book and to Sarah for buying it for Christmas for me , to Kirsty for kicking my arse and  Finally to Keith and Pat thank you so much for all your support and continual inspiration over the years both Kirsty and I wouldn’t be here without you, so THANK YOU ALL.

We might call round and bring you some Ginger Bread men….. We seem to have a family (apart from the ones I have eaten already so we do have a half one if anyone’s interested? ….. no?…… Thought not!)

So for all you budding photographers out there hopefully one day you might see Kirsty and myself as inspirational and don’t forget hard work and patience pays off.

Discovery Photography studio is based in the market town of Guisborough, North Yorkshire.Capturing weddings across the north east and family portraits.Wedding venues include Grinkle Park Hotel, Rushpool Hall, Gisborough Hall, The arches Country House, Hunley Hall Golf Club, Crathrone Hall, Wynyard HallIf you would like to book a consultation then please call Stuart on 01287 639117We look forward to meeting you.