Wedding venue choice and my favorites.

wedding venue Grinkle Hall hotel, easington

wedding venue Grinkle Hall hotel, easington

Wedding Venue.

So your gorgeous other half has popped the question and you’ve chatted about the date. First thing you’ll do is look for a wedding venue. Now if your’e looking in the North East of England, Thats Teesside, North Yorkshire, maybe even the Middlesbrough area, You have so many to choose from. Certainly over the last few years I’ve been doing wedding photography, I’ve seen an increase of smaller venues obtaining their wedding licence.

Now I always look when starting out at a wedding at placement of things within the wedding venue. For example one (of which I wont mentions any names) has the register signing table backing onto a fire door, so behind your shot you have a fire alarm break glass, a fire extinguisher, and a fire exit. The other side of the room , a lovely wallpapered wall. So why not move the table to the other side? Most of the wedding venues, have fire exit signs and odd placed oddments on the wall or a situation where you cant get away from having a doorway in the background. But when these new venues are setting up why can’t they think about the photography aspect? You see its not the photography that will suffer per-say, it will be you the wedding client. Afterall they are your images and of your wedding day.

So why can’t you the wedding client look to backdrops for us photographers? You have enough on your plate just making sure great aunt Mabel can get there and not fall too many times at the bar. It should be responsiblitly firstly of the venue and secondly there should be good communication between photographer and the wedding venue.

Now I get to work at some of the most beautiful wedding venues in the area, my favorite of all time is no secret to anyone , Grinkle Park Hall hotel in Easington. The setting is beautiful, the staff are friendly and no matter what you do wrong you are always treat as part of the team. Now a very close second goes to Gisborough Hall, Guisborough, Rushpool Hall, Saltburn and Judges, Yarm. All have wonderful staff and great surroundings and I love working at any of them. But Grinkle has something I can’t put my finger on, that one thing I see to be a hairs width different to other venues. Of course the smaller venues like the Arches Country house, Brotton and The Spa, Satburn, Danby Castle, all fit into that beautiful category, we are really blessed in this area to have so many new, old and indifferent wedding venues. All of which provide a perfect backdrop to you wedding day.

Further a field I’ve had the privilege of carrying out wedding photography at Wynyard Hall, Crathrone Hall, Hardwick Hall, The Treebridge Hotel, The Wainstones hotel, The Whitehouse Hotel and the Crossbutts hotel, Whitby and many more. They say variety is the spice of life and in the North East thats exactly what we have and I love working all of them as a wedding photographer.

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