Wedding photography, it’s a life long investment.

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How much should you really pay for wedding photography ?

Wedding photography, Well, lets start with what your paying for firstly shall we? after all a wedding photographer just taking pictures don’t they? … Any photographer produces a product. That product no matter what quality has a cost, agreed?

Stuart Brown wedding photographer
Me at Crathorne Hall with a one of my Beautiful brides.

That overall cost of the wedding photography will depend upon the quality of the final product and which photographer your booking….this is were it becomes a little complicated. Lets try and simplify this a little.

When your wedding photographer is just taking those pictures you hired them to take, this is what your actually paying for……..

Firstly, the photographer’s time to actually turn up for meetings, the wedding day, pre-shoot and any further associated meetings.

Secondly, there’s the travel to said meetings and wedding day in a reliable car so they can get to those meetings without breaking down. That car requires servicing, fuel, insurance and tax.

My typical wedding kit!

Most importantly, The photographer needs some camera kit, working on a low budget camera equipment will limit the lighting it can be used in, limit the clarity of the final image and then there reliably to consider. Where as a good quality camera will counteract all those points. So theres The camera body, lens, tripod, memory cards, laptops, flashes, batteries etc. But they cost money and to carry two systems like any good wedding photographer should – that’s double the money.

Then there’s the computer systems to buy to process the images Whether it be a PC , MAC or laptop then require will require something fast and have lots of storage. Not forgetting the hard drives to make back-ups, online accounts to pay for, memory cards etc.

The time and cost involved in processing the images from back -up stage, lightroom and photoshop to proofing and completion. This again depends on the photographer, I’ve heard stories were this doesn’t happen, in my eyes there should always be time to look over the images and do minor adjustments. After all they should be perfect its your big day.

The photographer will require some promotion to bring new bookings in and a website. The only way to work in this technologically advancing modern world. but they cost money.

A phone line and broadband so you they can answer your messages on everyones beloved social media.

Stuart Brown Wedding Photographer teesside

In some cases an actual place of work, for example a studio. I’ve personally always worked from a studio and never from home, this I feel gives a better and more professional front for my business. But that leave rent, electric, business rates that need paying.

Accounting fees and of course the lovely tax man get some of your money.

The photographers living expenses, they may have children to support and feed. They will need a wage!

now you never see all that listed in a wedding photography package do you?

So your paying for all that! You should really question a photographer who only charges £300 for a whole day wedding photography package!

So just stop, think and remember a photographer is still a human being and they don’t just take pictures…….

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