Wedding photographs real or staged!

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In a over saturated market everyone fighting for your attention, but does that justify cheating a client?

Well this could be another one of those controversial blogs. You are either going to accept it and consider the issue or you’re going to get defensive.

Firstly can I say I felt I needed to write this blog, the UK wedding industry is one that is saturated, full of people who will screw a client over with out a second look and is completely unregulated throughout every micro industry. Whether it be photography, videography, wedding cars, florists, bridal shops or venues.

Danby Castle wedding photography Bride
Callum and Jess ~ Danby Castle ~20th April 2019

I’ve been a wedding photographer for 12 years now. Experience I believe is key in a lot of circumstances. With the shear amount of wedding photographers out there its almost impossible for a prospective client to choose (See previous blog “how to choose your wedding photographer”).

Especially from a photographers perspective, a new client tend to start to book on the quality of your work and service. Your website and social media are your shop front. The images you portray are your best and you want them to attract new clients.

But what if those images, your best ones, were taken in more controlled circumstances and not in a real life wedding?

Ripley Castle Wedding photography of the bride and groom
Paul and Caroline ~ Ripley Castle ~ 27th April 2018

I noticed a photographer taking models and teaming up with other wedding companies to do a fabulous shoot. With massive dramatic backdrops, waterfalls and moody skies. The images, don’t get me wrong, looked stunning. I too have done styled shoots but have always created a beautiful shot in a local location and which can be easily replicated. On a similar note, I was also chatting to one of my colleagues in the wedding industry just the other day and it came up in conversation that another photographer had won a competition with a similar styled image. It had been publicised in local press, embellishing their achievement, great marketing right?.

What clients don’t see is the fact that they are styled shoots. They may take a good hour to put together and make sure everything is perfect. But in fact as I know this is impossible on a wedding day. The time restraints are almost impossible on most weddings. To spend this amount of time creating a “masterpiece” is an impossibility mid wedding. The models also tend to be experienced and can hold themselves in a way no ordinary bride could. With a team or hair stylist, beautician and stylist on hand to make sure everything is perfect.

Grinkle park group shot
James and Rebecca ~ Grinkle Park Hotel ~ 22nd September 2018

In fact it turns out the photographer who won the competition says its the worst thing they have ever done. It proved to more detrimental to their business than good. It became a serious issue for them as they received lots of new bookings – great – but then saw a massive increase in complaints has they couldn’t replicate the styled image, It just simply isn’t feasible to create that during a wedding.

What the public, clients and new clients expect is that quality of work at their wedding. Now don’t get me wrong the venues I’ve worked at over the past 12 years have been amazing, each on with it’s own micro locations, beauty and being based on the edge of the North York Moors National Park they are perfect for any event. Why try to over impress? would you call it cheating the client?

I have always publicised images on my website, in my studio of real brides taken at local venues with a quality that can recreated at any venue with any bride and groom. This I feel I owe to my clients new or old. I have no deception within my business. What you see is what you get.

Mark and Alex ~ Redworth Hall ~ 1st April 2018

So the next time you see a over dramatic image of a bride – stop – think- whats gone into producing the image because it ain’t going to be done at your wedding but that’s your choice!

If you’d like me to cover your wedding, capturing good quality images that are realistic then drop me a line ­čÖé

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