Saltburn Wedding – Simon and Donna

Wedding Saltburn Pier
Wedding Saltburn Pier

I have found the Donna was very nervous in front of the camera, and to look at her in the church then you would see. She was shaking like a leaf, then when she did get eye contact with me ( i always sit at he front) she started the giggle loop! – for those who haven’t see the giggle loop, google it!

But by the end of the ceremony both her and Simon had settled down and enjoying been centre of attention. And with a busy Saturday the seafront was going to be a challenge, the weather was good and the place was packed, but we still managed to capture them few precious moments on the pier and seafront before heading to the Spa hotel.

Now the Spa isn’t the roomiest venue neither it lite brightly, but been a professional photographer you learn to work with what you have and get the the best for your client. I had no issues correcting the lighting or getting the shot the client and myself wanted, this goes for kirsty too.

And at this point i should really mention i got a little stressed with trying to get the guests in line for the family shots, but it is only because the bar was so damn good, its a warm day the guest need a drink!

Simon and Donna like ALL our clients are lovely people and deserve the very best life can give them, now they have each other.

The Spa is a fab venue to work at as i say a little cramped and a little dark but the setting and staff are brilliant, we can’t wait to cover more weddings there.

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