Review: Loupedeck console ~ Discovery Photography

Review: Loupedeck console ~ Discovery Photography

Every photographer loves a new bit of kit and I’m no different. being a wedding photographer I use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC to do the bulk of my editing, this I’ve done for years. Changing each component such as contract, clarity exposure etc all by the controls on the side of the screen. After several hundred images the right hand starts to get a little achy. That all changed with the introduction of the Loupedeck. First look, is a sleek and modern design which fits perfect into any desk and computer set up. Although it can be used with both MAC and PC, my set up is a Windows 10 PC.

The best way I can describe the Loupedeck Console, would to compare it to a DJ mixing board, It’s a series of dials, button and sliders. Each one is assigned perfectly to work with Adobe’s Lightroom Editing. Mentioning just a few, but by the turn of a dial you can change contrast, Clarity, Shadows/Highlights, Blacks, Whites and so on and with the press of a button you can toggle between colour and Black/White, Before and after, and Export to name a few.

The crop function is on a largest of the dials and is perfect for quick crops and to straighten the image.


I’m a little disappointed that there isn’t a delete function, although you  can add custom function buttons, there is no option for delete, and I also wish it would work with Adobe Photoshop CC18 too, especially on the RAW importer.

Overall the Lopuedeck is fantastic time saving set up that any photographer would be proud to have as part of his desktop.

Well done Loupedeck!

To find out more about the Loupedeck check out their website.

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