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Pet Photography

I love Pet photography and for those of you that don’t know the studio, me or the business. I have a two very pampered pooches that come to the studio everyday with me. They sit in the office and occasionally get a fuss of clients.

Portrait Blogs

A beautiful Child portrait

I don’t like to over complicate my child portrait photography. You see these images on facebook and other social media with fake backgrounds and false christmas trees. To me that detracts the viewer eyes away from the most important part of a image, the subject. Beit a child, a pampered pooch or a model.

Wedding Blogs

Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long?

Well this is a tricky blog to write, one that I feel I need to write. Obviously, I can’t speak for any other wedding photographer, but I’ve heard stories from various clients that some photographers just copy the images from their camera direct to disc or USB and present them.