Belmont Primary school, Guisborough

Both my children go to Belmont Primary school, Guisborough. Now been an active father and photographer I’m more than happy to capture school events. This time my son Jace was part of the performance.


Work Experience at Discovery Photography

I think work experience is very important, it’s a step into real working life for near school leavers. I always treat whoever comes to me as a member of staff and although they may not be able to fulfil some job roles. Always treating them equally. I also make sure we cover something they are interested in. There is no way any student should go to a placement and be bored for the whole week.

Portrait Blogs

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is something I’ve been capturing for the past ten years. I love it. I get to meet so many different families. From small families, new families and families that have been spread out all over the place. All coming together for a precious family portrait.