Old friends come to the studio for a Christmas photoshoot

couse family photo shoot

I have known Paul since he was knee high the grasshopper; he used to help out on my part-time job and ride bikes when i was much much younger…

He contacted us as we where his local studio plus he felt more comfortable as it was me taking the images.

His two children plus his partners sister child came along for the shoot, again it must be the time of year, we had a child that wouldn’t smile. This time i had my secret weapon handy…… KIRSTY!

Its always nice to have a kirsty at teh studio so when we do have a difficult set up we can swap where she takes the images.

Portrait photography as well as wedding photography is a very personal, intrusive thing to have done. So sometimes a male behind the camera can be quite intimidating for child or adults for the matter. And that’s where kirsty come in. A female can instantly make the shoot more relaxed especially if I disappear out of site.

Now I’m not saying I’m some kind of ogre, must admit I aren’t the best looking, but as far as children go I love them, I have two myself and enjoy seeing them smile and laugh whilst they are in the studio, but , just sometimes, that’s simply not enough.

Everyone needs a kirsty…….

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