Let me introduce myself as a photographer.

Stuart Brown Discovery Photography wedding photographer

Stuart Brown Discovery Photography wedding photographer

I’m Stuart and I’m a photographer.

Firstly lets start with an apology, my ugly mug.

early years photographerLet me introduce myself, Although you could read the “about” page on this site, this is me. My father has always been into photography and trains. My mum Wildlife, so it was only natural that I took an interest from an early age in all, however as soon as I could I got away from the trains. My father hasn’t see www.raycam.co.uk as proof. Photography has developed into my passion, I now run my own Studio in Guisborough and have sponsorship for my wildlife photography from Jack Pike. (www.stubrownphotography.co.uk).

The early day saw me and my father heading to the darkroom , our loft, to develop his images and the smell of the chemicals still triggers those memories. Although these Stuart brown photographer early ageday the darkroom is digital, I still long to create my own darkroom again and spend the time in there with my son.  It saw my taking my interest a little further and entering competitions, which I won. These days I don’t get much chance to enter competitions  but its time to start again I think.

I am a proud family man with two gorgeous children, Jace and Leah, both of which love playing up to the camera and, Jace has even become , by definition, a professional photographer at the age of 3. When he picked my SLR up and snapped a shot of a clients baby, which they later purchased.

Discovery Photography has been running from 2008, started when I had my landscape work in my own gallery. This lead to exhibition around the north east and lead to the North York Moors National park asking me to cover some events for them. Although this has stopped now due to government cuts, they still use my images in their publications today. Because people got to know I was covering IMG_0127events for them, I was asked to cover some weddings, they are just events I thought, and low and behold Discovery Photography was born.

Photography as become and consumed my life, a day doesn’t go by that I aren’t reading something online or checking out new accessories or equipment. I literally live photography. Kirsty my other half has referred to the business as my mistress,  which to be honest it is.

My true interest has become black and white documentary photography, I believe its timeless and the pure raw beauty of the contrast, shadows and detail astound me.

For the technical geeks out there I started my life with an Olympus Trip 35mm one of which I still use occasionally today, from there it has been Canon AE1 AE1-Program, EOS 1000F, EOS 5, EOS 10D, EOSE 30D, EOS 5D mk1 (still use as my second camera today) EOS 1Ds mk2 (my main camera) and finally the latest addition the Fujifilm X20.

You see having OCD the details in everything i produce have to right, they have to portray the emotion and tell the story I’m capturing. So each and every client, job, brief, fashion shoot or teaching session has to be right and have my full attention.

So that’s me, if you would like to chat more then why not either call by the studio for a cuppa or contact me.


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Discovery Photography studio is based in the market town of Guisborough, North Yorkshire.Capturing weddings across the north east and family portraits.Wedding venues include Grinkle Park Hotel, Rushpool Hall, Gisborough Hall, The arches Country House, Hunley Hall Golf Club, Crathrone Hall, Wynyard HallIf you would like to book a consultation then please call Stuart on 01287 639117We look forward to meeting you.