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Hunley hall wedding photography Guests

Mel and Tracey’s Hunley Hotel wedding.

Hunley Hotel golf club, has to be my most local wedding venue. I only live just over the back from the putting green. It’s also a venue I’ve worked at for many a year.

Today was no different, apart from the weather. This is only the second time I have worked at the venue when its rained. I poses a difficulty due to the lack of locations for guests hots. However with a little but of furniture removal, we managed top capture some fab family images in the corner of the restaurant.

Hunley hall wedding photography Civil partnership

The ladies had a really simple affair, which was amazing and fun to capture. The ceremony flowed beautifully and I was able to use flash too!

I had a flash, excuse the pun, of inspiration as i walked into the venue, that day. It was the entrance, The seating and the light. So when it was time to grab the ladies and tease them a way from their guest, this was one shot I wanted to capture.

Hunley hall wedding photography

It was only a short wedding for me as once the speeches were over It was my time to exit and let the ladies enjoy the rest of their day. A massive congratulations to them both.

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