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What a beautiful little family I had the privileged of doing a family portrait of last Saturday. Corrie and Craig had been bought a personalised gift voucher from us late last year as a present. The studio felt full once Olly arrived, I don’t think I’ve worked with such a large dog. Trust me I’ve had a lot of your four legged friends in the studio for shoots! But even with such a large canine
Pre-wedding shoot Whitby look through wedding photography
Jonathan & Emma pre-wedding Whitby photoshoot I love Pre-wedding whitby photoshoots, It’s somewhere that I’ve been going since I was a small boy. The Micro locations within Whitby itself are fantastic, the pier, beach, cobbled streets and of course the beautiful abbey. However on this very cold and sunny day, we chose the pier for the focus of our shoot. Still with views of the abbey in the background. It was remarkably quiet too which
Gisborough Hall Guisborough Discovery photography Middlesbrough Wedding photographer First dance
The first dance is always a nervous time for the bride and groom. Over the past year, I’ve seen an increasing amount of brides and grooms inviting the guests up halfway through the dance. This I think takes the focus off them. The first dance is a wonderful part of the wedding day, steeped in tradition. It’s there to signify the official opening of the dancing on the evening and in early days was considered
Prewedding shoot saltburn
Callum and Jess’s Pre-wedding photoshoot For a pre-wedding photoshoot on location you need nice weather. It was meant to be one of the warmest weekends of the year so far or so they said. At 9am on a February morning walking along the promenade on Saltburn sea front. It certainly didn’t seem it. Mind you it woke me up a little. It didn’t seem to phase Callum or Jess, perhaps it’s an age thing, but
St Nicholas church Guisborough Discovery photography Middlesbrough Wedding photographer
How much should you really pay for wedding photography ? Wedding photography, Well, lets start with what your paying for firstly shall we? after all a wedding photographer just taking pictures don’t they? … Any photographer produces a product. That product no matter what quality has a cost, agreed? Me at Crathorne Hall with a one of my Beautiful brides. That overall cost of the wedding photography will depend upon the quality of the final
It’s a Hard life being a studio pooch – pet photography blog. I love Pet photography and for those of you that don’t know the studio, me or the business. I have a two very pampered pooches that come to the studio everyday with me. They sit in the office and occasionally get a fuss of clients. Both Wilf, the Spring and Luie, a heinz 57, are the softest you will ever meet. Both are
Crathorne weddings photography bride and groom
Sam & Sarah | Crathrone Hall Weddings I love Crathorne Hall Weddings, especially this time of year. It was a lovely crisp winters morning, the snow was freshly laid. The bitterly icey wind blew around the court yard at Crathrone Hall. But that didn’t put Sarah off when she arrived in style and stepped out on to the snow. Sam already looked very dapper awaiting the arrival of his beautiful bride inside Crathorne Hall. The
child portrait photographer
I don’t like to over complicate my child portrait photography. You see these images on facebook and other social media with fake backgrounds and false christmas trees. To me that detracts the viewer eyes away from the most important part of a image, the subject. Beit a child, a pampered pooch or a model. It also dates the image, a christmas tree in the background of a family image means it going to look a
Walworth Castle wedding photography outside
How to choose a wedding venue. So how to choose your wedding venue? This blog could get me into a lot of trouble. Having worked at many of the wedding venues in and around North Yorkshire and Teesside. But here it goes… The blog…. So he’s proposed to you and lucky for him you said yes. The first things you’ll want to do is choose the wedding venue. The single most important thing you choose
Why’s my wedding photographs taking so long? Well this is a tricky blog to write, one that I feel I need to write. Obviously, I can’t speak for any other wedding photographer, but I’ve heard stories from various clients that some photographers just copy the images from their camera direct to disc or USB and present them. This to me seems a little fake and almost a cope out as a photographer. It’s like, in