A Personal Touch to Pinkfields Event

jace tires

Most of our blogs are about what we do such as wedding photography or in the studio or other events we cover. This one does include an event you may of already seen the Pinkfields event photo’s we shared on our Discovery Photography facebook page.

Jace in mud
Splashing in the mud

In All of our charity event blogs we miss out an important part, which is our personal reasons why we want to cover such charity events like Pinkfields(cancer awareness). many people might think we do it just for publicity or that we get paid to cover it, This isn’t true its not all about money and publicity in business, sometimes such as this event, its personal and close to our hearts, we just simply want to help and want to get involved to raise as much awareness and money we can for the charity.

This Charity ‘Cancer Awareness’ or more specifically‘ Breast cancer awareness’ is one very very close to my heart. Many of us have lost a very close, special person due to some type of cancer, its a heartbreaking event to go through, knowing there is not much you can do but be by their side till the angels take them away.

I lost my Gran to this terrible illness after her long battle of breast cancer, i know there was nothing i could do then, but i can try to help others now so they don’t go through the same by raising money for research to one day beat cancer and kick its butt.

Jace James Camera
Jace with Kirstys SLR Canon Camera

This event stood out more than any other charity event we have photographed because this one we took the kids! yes i know some might say we were working we shouldn’t have took them, but let me tell you i have never been prouder of my son Jace-James, he didn’t just enjoy playing in the mud he also helped raise money for the charity at just 3 years old he took a charity bucket and a hand full of  pink flowers and with his cuteness and cheekiness sold the flowers, ok yes it was abuse as the ladies couldn’t say no to his big blue eyes and cheeky little smile, but he sold more flowers in 30 mins than they had sold all day. He also sold a few of his kisses too the little flirt. He was a little star and i am very proud of him and i am sure my gran would be too watching from above as he got a lady to buy him a drink (a soft drink) lol. He even had a go with my SLR camera and got some fantastic shots little photographer in the making 🙂


This event reminded me that it doesn’t matter what age, background or ability you are, this event brought so many people together to do their part and it shows everyone can do their bit and every little helps get one step closer to a cure for cancer


Cissy Sayers
My Gran

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