7 models, 2 hair stylists, 2 clothing stylist, 1 make up artist, 1 videographer and me!

Sunday morning 9AM….. As if you would be at work at that time! We for those of you that know me well that’s quite usual for me, I think I am becoming a work addict and might need help.

There was a reason for this; I had been in discussions with Sally, who owns Kiwi Boutique in Guisborough. She wanted some images for her new online shop (www.kiwiboutique.co.uk) which is due to launch very soon.  So at the drop of a hat I had arranged seven models, two hair stylists, one make up artist and one videographer. Sometimes a team that large is very difficult to control but everyone agreed and turned up no worries and simply got on with the job – I like it when that happens. Sue

and Bernie of Be All You Can, who we share the building with where very good in letting us use another room other than the studio, as a green room, especially on their weekend off.

I have been wanting to another big shoot for a while, something I could get my teeth into. Ever since I had the tasted the stress, with the Angelic Bulldog shoot that we did


This seemed the perfect fix, so after everyone introducing themselves we kicked off and waited for the first few to be made up, have their hair done and styled. Then it was almost a continuous click for the rest of the day until we had finished the full range. Obviously a maccy d’s for lunch was in order but even that went down fast so we could continue.


This morning whilst I am writing this, it seems to be a blur exactly what went one yesterday!

Anyway I just want to say thank you to Sally and Steph of Kiwi Boutique, Carla and Sarah from Saks for the Hair, Gilly for her fantastic make up, Adam from New breed films for the videography and finally but certainly not least the models, Adele W, Kirsty, Carla, Sam, Adele C, Danielle and Shannon it was a pleasure working with all you.

Keep an eye out for the video edit of the day it’s coming soon!!!!!!!!

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