Discovery Photography wedding window images 2016

Last November saw Kirsty my other half step away from the business, with our family needing to come first.

It has taken me several months to find my feet again. It dawned on me that not only was I the main photographer, but I would have to handle the accounts, business administration, the marketing and the social media. Now the social media is a full time job in itself. We have Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Blogger, Instagram and LinkedIn accounts to maintain, more recently I have re-set up my Landscape and Wildlife side of the business, which means another Twitter, Facebook and Flickr account to add to that list. Not forgetting two websites, to keep up to date, as well as client handling, general house keeping of the studio, attending shoots, editing the shoots, organizing shoots to name a few more.

Life became a battle to simplify things and now nearly 7 months on I’m only just starting to see things become a little more manageable. Not forgetting how working alone can effect you mentally and physically. When things get a little busy and stress levels raise, mood levels drop, working by yourself you don’t have that person to step in kick you in the rear and change that. Kirsty was that person. No matter how stressful work got she was never that close to the business to let it get to her, but she was always there to provide that size 5. To some extent she was my stimulant, think of a quiet, warm studio at 2:30pm on some Wednesday Discovery Photography wedding window images 2016afternoon, you’ve been staring at a computer screen since 9 in the morning. Thoughts stop, and you tend to find your mood levels drop and it feels so good just to have a quick nap. Well that never happened when kirsty was there, however I do need to point out to anyone who is reading this blog, it doesn’t happen now, I always find a way to lift myself back up, usually a can of RedBull.

On that note business life can be a roller coaster and I have always had a can do attitude and always try to find a positive in each business situation, I never sit still, the business never sits still, it never sleeps. Kirsty calls the business my mistress, it consumes a lot of my life.

Just yesterday I did a simple task of creating some new window displays, with an idea I’ve had for a while. This made me realize that even though I was working by myself and didn’t have that support anymore, I also needed to be a carpenter, window cleaner and a window dresser on top of all the other tasks that it takes to run a business.  Sometimes its hard to be everywhere at once, but somehow with hard work you find that drive to do it.

Just saying.