Our christmas break is a very special time, not only for us as a family but for the client who make the Christmas time of year their special time too. Graham and Sara were no different, the early start to the year as far as weddings are concerned with our first been theirs on the 3rd of January 2015.

Has a photographer I’m always worried about lighting, Weather and temperature. These three things all co-inside at this time of year. Firstly With it been mid Winter how will the lighting be, bearing in mind the sun will be low if at all out, lighting could be quite dull. This leads to the weather will it be snowing? raining? or fine? which lead s on to ITS GOING TO BE COLD! – the last thing I want is for a bride to be out in freezing conditions with little more than a wedding dress on.

Luckily the day consisted of roaring fires and sunshine, which enables some really creative shots. I have featured the panoramic one as I felt it was most fitting, both Bride and groom had mentioned they loved the panoramic views across the Esk valley and from the Crossbutts stable hotel that’s what you get.

With only a few guests the wedding is one of the intimate ones I have attended and made for some very close quarter shots, especially when you feel part of the wedding.