Jamielee Has been a Valued member of  staff here at Discovery Photography for the past six months now, providing extra help on Saturdays with refreshments for thirsty clients, assisting in many shoots and at weddings and generally making sure Greggs in Guisborough are kept in business (Greggs Saturday has become legendary).

Her nan thought on our second open day, just after our relaunch back in 2014, to book a generation photo shoot. Of Her Katrina, her daughter Jamielees mum) and of course Jamiellee herself.

Jamielee actually working...

Jamielee actually working…

Now for those of you who know Jamielee, she quite a shy young lady, well presented and not one to upset the apple-cart. So even though she hates her picture been taken, Something I have myself had to overcome, my philosophy was that i’ll take the image therefore i’m behind the camera. I’ve had to overcome this and so will jamielee given time. She certainly didn’t want to upset her nan or mum for that matter so she gritted her teeth and got on with the shoot.

Has you can see from the images there are a very close loving family. I even had Jamielee handling her nan and mum as clients and got her working too ( see picture evidence)

Since the shoot Jamielee has been in front of the camera again strutting her stuff for some new staff images and to get used to working in the studio

Jamielee Metcalfe Discovery Photography

Jamielee Metcalfe Discovery Photography