Well this been our first Christmas in our new studio in Guisborough and lets just say the amount of portraits we have done was incomprehensible.  Below is only a small amount  a taster if you will of the studio sessions we completed over the Christmas period.

This year we saw everything from Staffordshire bull terriers dressed as Rudolph to babies dressed as a Christmas pud.  We had Children with Chick pox children who simply wanted to play and not have their picture taken. This young lady, who shall remain nameless, we have worked with on several occasion both in shoots and her mum and dads wedding, yet still she didn’t want her picture taken.

We have completed a number of surprise pictures especially of dogs for their owners, some of which where quite diffucult because we made one our main image for the Gallery window……… good job the client never drove by and recognised his dog!

We have some really big things happening this year, some which will shock people and some which will amaze people so all I can say is keep watching you’ll see.

Finally can i take this opportunity to thank all our clients, perspective clients and friends, supporters and everyone, wishing them a HAPPY NEW YEAR TOO.

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