To show a different a contrast between Kim who we used in the studio and is an absolute  fantastic model to Hannah who is also an absolute fantastic model from completely different genres of modelling. Hannah is fun to work with and can work ( as can kim) with several photographers at once.

The group wanted to bring some of their children along to use as models, and as we had several students taking Hannah, while Kathleen took Taylor and Cathy took her two, it gave a real different flavor to the session.


After working on Saltburn beach, which included Hannah changing into a vintage bathing suit and entering the very chilly north Sea……. something every one pulled the squirmy face at. We headed into the Victoria valley gardens where the Ransom was blooming and blue bells blossoming.
Even i managed o fire off a few different shots while instructing the group. Then we all headed back to the Vista Mar for a warm cuppa.

Teaching fashion photography in Saltburn