Stuart Brown  Documentary Wedding and family Portrait Photographer.

MStuart Brown ~ Discovery Photography Guisboroughy early days saw my father and me heading to the loft, our make-shift darkroom, to develop our prints. I remember hanging them out to dry over the bath, things have moved on a lot since those days  – photography became my passion and I now have my dream job, I’m a photographer and best of all I run my own studio and get to do what I love day in and day out..

IMG_0127I have a beautiful family that keeps me on my toes, you may sometimes bump into them at the studio if you’re lucky.

Documentary photojournalism photography, in particular, has become a major passion in my life, as has black and white photography, the raw simplicity captures my imagination and unlike many other styles,  black and white is timeless. This alongside the fact that I love meeting new people, finding out their story and being a part of their life.

I’ve taught many people over the years, some have photography businesses, some are now winning competitions but most of all I love to inspire people, to ignite that spark deep inside. Something I hope my images do for you as a wedding or portrait client.

Over the years I’ve developed both as a photographer and Discovery Photography as a business. I’ve had work in print in such publications as the Financial Times, Daily Mail, Cosmopolitan and many national magazines. But that’s not why I’m in this profession, I’m in this profession to see the smiles on every clients face when they receive their images ~ I even take pride in making some cry.

Member of the Socitey for wedding and portrait photographers

North East, Teesside and Yorkshire, wedding, portrait and commercial photographer.

I would love to cover your wedding, why not drop me a line by using my Contact Me page or call my studio on 01287 639117.