We have seen an increase in Pet portraits or recent, they have always been a big part of our business. With both Kirsty and myself been animal lovers and dog people. We are always at home when taking pictures of pets.

Sophie was no different, at 22 months old she had a lot of play in her. She had presence in the studio though; her paws are the size of a lions, as was her bark to roar! But Her owner has had her at training since she was a young pup. This helped us because she was very willing to be posed and eager to please.

This isn’t always the case, but we have yet to complete a shoot without getting at least a couple of stunning images.

Sophie’s mum certainly thought so we spent sometime going through the images just to find that one masterpiece. Although the one I chose for this blog isn’t the one, to me this sums up the cuteness and cuddly nature of Sophie.

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