It seems only yesterday when we did the bump photo shoot with Sally, now she has a fantastic little son called Seth. Both her and Simon, her husband, where in this photo shoot too, and trust me they are both great fun to work with.


We love seeing clients on a regular basis especially when they have little one, watching the changes over the months is great to see. So when getting a chance to photo a bump that now wasn’t bump was brilliant.


It was the first time Seth had been in front of the camera, so I, like with every child, was very cautious as to how he reacted. I don’t like pushing little ones too far, after all you don’t want to scare them, because it could be the start of a difficult few years where a child won’t like being in front of the camera. Which could be a nightmare for any mum or dad. Even worse for the rest of the day….. I know what its like to have an upset child and then having to spend the rest of the day with them.


But Seth was great and we even managed to get a smile from him…… Wishing him the very best for the future from both me and Kirsty X