Seamer at low house farm
We love it when portrait clients ask if we can work on location as it gets us out of the studio and means we can get more creative.

We met Dave and Faye and there three boys at a farm over in seamer after a quick chat about what they were wanting we got on shooting with such a picturesque backdrop it wasn’t difficult to choose a spot to start the photo shoot.

we started in the lovely golden fields, very well places hay-bales and Roseberry topping in the background with the family sat on the hay-bales the shot was just perfect even with black rabbit in( one of the boys comforter) and of course we got the family dog in a couple of shots to, how could we not with such a cute little cocker spaniel face.

Then we did a more traditional shot and got them all walking away down the field this is one of them images bit like a little black dress you can never go wrong it always looks beautiful.

The boys started to get a bit tired of posing so we headed round to the chickens and the play park, they had great fun feeding the chickens and going on the swings which as a result meant we got happy smiley fun photos.

After a few more shots of the family in the garden we were done capturing images and time to go through the images, Dave and Faye were very happy and choose a good selection of images. That’s what we like happy clients, so back to the studio now to get on editing IMG_0193.JPG