Last Saturday Kirsty, Gilly and myself headed off to Grinkle Park Hotel, this was our first wedding we had covered there. So we arrived early to scope the venue and gardens, the weather was a blessing again bright lovely sunshine, 27 degrees predicted!


Great for new black shirts! We really should of thought about a winter and summer uniforms black certainly wasn’t the best colour for such a warm day!

In true British fashion we pulled though and carried on with the job in hand. Sarah and Russ had a very traditional wedding and with a good mix of traditional images and contemporary reportage style.

Now working with two photographer s our clients get a good selection to choose from, and with Gilly organising the group photos, Team discovery operates with precision and has the least impact on the bride and grooms day, after all its their day not ours.

Congratulations Sarah and Russ from the Team Discovery.