Sarah and Cashel have booked us for several shoots now and even booked us for their wedding next year, so it came as no surprise that, when Cashel’s mum was visiting a photo shoot was going to be arranged!


Now from a photographers point of view, trying to get everyone posed and smiling is one of the most difficult things ever. Especially at weddings where you’re working with hundreds of guests, but when the family are, and I am sure they won’t mind me saying this, CRACKERS – my job is even harder.


Just looking through them to find one for this blog, made me realise that perhaps all posed and smiling politely isn’t always the way to go, depending on the client of course, but we do take quite a few natural shots. The only issue here is the natural shots always has one of the children or Cashel, yeah OK Sarah too pulling a face of some kind!

But of course to a family that are crackers that is natural….. Oh the dilemmas of a photographer!!!!!