Natalie and her new husband had the best weather for photography, lovely clouds, sunshine and slight breeze. This gave the start for some fab arty shots.

But first we come to the Church. I would like to pose a question to you all –  whose wedding day is it? the church or the bride and groom?……. For us its the bride and groom. Yet we were told quite strongly that we couldn’t take ANY image within the church as it was an invasion on  holy ceremony. Now I can appreciate this, hence we never take images during prayers for instance. But a bride and groom only have their wedding day once, so catching the joyousness occasion is a big thing.

For us as photographers, its hard, we love to capture the essence of the day, the nerves, the mess ups (Phil) and the loving glances between soon to be bride and groom. So to be told not to take images throughout the biggest part of the day really clips our wings. We love to create the best wedding photography for every client who comes to us, but there are so many limitations stopping us.

Some parts of the county we have been escorted out while the ceremony takes place then brought back in to catch the bride walking down the isle, other occasions we have had registrars taking sympathy on our situation and actually stopping the ceremony for us to capture sections or a specific image. After all we are booked to capture the day as a service as whoever is conducting the ceremony.

Now for some photographers that like to use flash ( would be nice I get that) or like to run around during the service I can see this being a little off putting for all concerned. We tend to stay put with one at the front one at the back. I fear the photographers that move around and disobey the wishes of the registrars are making the issue worse as locations are tightening up as the years go by.

In this occasion we where told to recreate the image afterwards, but with a church full of guest itching to head to the bar to celebrate and a bride and groom simply wanting to head off for the next part of the day its hard to do. To recreate a moment you miss the glances and laughter, the connection at that one specific moment in time, in someones life.

So once back at Saltburn we had a very brisk and I mean brisk walk on the beach and pier for some snaps before heading back  to the  beautiful Spa Hotel in Saltburn. which has undergone and still in a massive refurbishment. Cathy and Jonathan the new owners have done such a wonderful job with the hotel, and where perfect to accommodate every guest including ourselves on the wedding day. We even managed to grab two roast beef lunches at the end of the day which where cooked perfectly and made a perfect finish to the day.