We love working at our local venues and Rushpool Hall is one of those venues.  Based just outside Saltburn it offers Seaviews and some fantastic gardens and of course the fab hall. So from a photography point of view it brilliant loads of different location to shoot from especially with some one my height. Been of the short and compact variety i need height and it much easier if you can use the venue rather than bringing a huge pair of step ladders everywhere with you – although we Blake and Chelsea at rushpool hall saltburn flowers and ringsdo carry them as you just never know.

Blake and Chelsea had arrange their wedding at Rushpool and it was a very intimate affair with only a small number of guests. Sometimes this gives us as wedding photographer chance to get know guests and make them feel more relaxed, with a knock on effect of getting some great shots.

Even though many Brides and groom say they aren’t comfortable in front of the camera, Blake and Chelsea been one. They infact are. These guys played the camera perfectly doing exactly what they where told (to be fair so was I Brides can be rather forceful – in a joking way)

These guys deserved a fantastic day and Girls at Rushpool made sure they got just that.