You can tell it was a Sunday morning i so needed a shave.....

You can tell it was a Sunday morning i so needed a shave…..

We have worked with the guys from the Redcar RNLI for a year or so now. I used them in a person photographic project a while back. So when Dave asked me to cover their group shot, I jumped at the chance. Especially as it was to be used in a presentation by no other than the chief executive himself.

I had my trepidations about the weather and light, the reports where for strong winds and depending upon which report, either rain or sun.

Luckily it was the latter, just a very cold, strong easterly wind. The guys had the boats and tractors out and where already dressed ready for action when we arrived.

It was low tide and I had asked for the equipment the be positioned away from the slipway giving a cleaner final image.

Not every job you can take you other half, son and daughter along, but even though Jace didn’t want a picture with the crew, the tractors, the boats he was made to feel part of the crew and the morning, as was kirsty and Leah.

Ideally I would of liked to have done this earlier in the year when the sun was higher giving a more even light, but when working with a volunteer crew you make the best of it.

All the guys work really hard to keep, fishermen, bathers, surfers and anyone else safe along our stretch of coastline, they well deserve more recognition for their work than they actually get. That is something everyone should think about!

Every single one of them have a sterling attitude to their work, with 100% commitment and its always a pleasure and a good laugh to work alongside every single one of them…… hats off to you all.