Having had various chats with Sharon who manages The Arches Country House in Brotton regarding wedding photography lead to he mentioning Pinkfields Festival in aid of cancer awareness.This year been its first year , it was a festival in its infancy.

We are always interested in investing our time to help local charities especially one that have a personal touch – check out Kirsty’s blog.

Pinkfields was held at The Arches country house in Brotton on the gorgeous north east coast. The weather was again a factor that everyone had to take into account, it had been raing for a few days previous and not just light rain, it was HEAVY rain, everywhere was completely saturated and soggy.

So with wellys old jeans, waterproof and camera kit we arrived ready to cover the event. The live music, beer tent and kids activities where all in full swing even with the threat of rain.

This event been a family event to begin with was a great event for us, no baby sitting we actually had the children with us, Jace enjoying the mud and generally running around.