This was a very special shoot, not only or Claire and Andy but for us too. We love working with pets that are lets say nervous, Riddick was a lovely rescue dog from the dogs trust. Claire explained it was hard for them to get a family picture because one of them was always taking the images, so they traveled all the way from Darlington to us so we could do the honors. Been dog people ourselves we love working with any animal, Riddick was a little nervous of Jace, but who isn’t but before long he was taking treats from Jaces hand and the shoot was off.

With a nervous dog we like to close the door and just simply let them relax into the environment, our own two had been banished to the security of their cage int he truck so’s not to upset Riddick further.

He posed perfectly and allowed us to shoot lots and lots of images of which made for a difficult choice when Claire was choosing.

What an hour to have met him and work with him, a beautiful family pet.