This week has been a funny week, we don’t often have two weddings on one week, but this week we had two within days of each other.

Almost coming to the end of the wedding season for us, It was very cold working at the Wainstones Hotel with Paul and Nikki. The guests looked freezing stood having their picture taken.

Now Kirsty and I have been working weddings for the past two years, we have rolled with each client to get the best images we can and this wedding was no different. Kirsty took the time and effort to look back through the family pictures while the guest where having their evening meal. The ones that had people who looked VERY cold on, especially the children, she wrote them down and we re-took the images once the meal had ended and everyone was warm.


Kirsty also looks at the finer detail in her images, so as i am taking the group shots, the signing of the register etc., she looking further to capture those little details that make the day.

That’s why we work as a team, Kirsty always works one step ahead!