our daughter Leah’s first birthday

Well the year seems to have gone in the blink of an eye it only seems moments ago we were holder her for the first time and seeing her little face.

For her first birthday we were going to go to a soft play but decided why do that when we have a studio where we can have more guests and do a “cake smash” which wanted to do with her anyways, this way it was all rolled into one and we got to capture it all on camera.

We did the whole party with a Minnie Mouse and Micky mouse theme so all the girls were dressed in White and pink and all the boys were in black and red, and yes we even got the adults to join in, Not only with the fancy dress either we did pass the gift and got them all in front of the camera dressed up all silly.

We had lots of activities set up from biscuit icing to pass the gift and much more but what all the kids were looking forward to was the photoshoot.

The day was amazing full of laughter and smiles and little surprises. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as Leah, Jace and us.

And a huge thank you to all that came and for all the lovely presents you bought for her.