Mat and Annie at Grinkle hall Hotel Easington

Grinkle Park

This is our fifth wedding at Grinkle Park this year, the venue lends itself to any weather condition or couple. Saturdays wedding was no different, Both Mat and Annie are wonderful fun loving people with a family to suit. We started at Annie’s house in Redcar where I left Kirsty to cover Annie and the bridesmaid getting ready while I headed up to Kirkleatham Church to photograph Mat and the guest arriving. Now Matt and Annie had checked with the vicar regarding what we can and can not take in the church, however when I checked the most unsociable and obnoxious lady told me I had to stand at the rear of the church and stay out of the way. Now I don’t mind adhering to any rules, but to be bossed around and told exactly what I can and not take really spoilt this lovely church for me. The vicar was lovely but to be told accompanied by a nudge of the arm, as the bride was entering the church, to “get in side now” really annoyed me.  The bride and groom pay the church for their services what give one woman the authority to boss us as photographers around? nothing to be honest, it should be the bride and groom if any one who gets to boss us around, after all its their day and we are there to serve them. – off my soap box now!

After the attitude of the morning we headed up to Grinkle Hall, here we knew Mathew their wedding coordinator and staff would greet us with the usual happy faces and banter.  The weather had cleared and warmed up from the morning and this left us with plenty of opportunities for images throughout the next few hours, especially with the rhododendron out in flower.


I have to say we have attended many wedding throughout the years, but this has had to be one of the most emotional weddings I have ever been too, Kirsty in her pregnant state found it hard during the speeches to hold back the tears.

Both Kirsty and Myself wish Mat and Annie the very best for the future and hope the honeymoon location was lovely… Annie didn’t know where she was going!