This was the first chance we have had to exercise our wedding photography at Raithewaite Hall. Luke and Vicki did a fantastic job of organising their wedding, Kirsty covered Vicki getting ready while i went to the Stiddy in Lythe for pint with the lads. (I never drink on duty). Lythe church at the top of Lythe bank is a beautiful gem on the North Yorkshire coast. The church over looks the coast and Whitby.

Vicki had some small visitors from her school arrive for the ceremony, and it was a lovely moving moment when they all run over to greet her from the car. incidentally the car was a Rolls Royce Phantom.. a surprise from Luke.

In the church emotion running high with vicki shedding a tear on the way in. We suffered from the same old issue, been told by the vicar not to use flash and take nothing through the vows, yet every single guest use flash on their iphones and taking pictures all the way through. Something should be done as an industry standard for this, policies change so much from venue to venue. The simplest way would be to allow the Clients to choose if we use flash and what we take, after all they are paying for the church as they are for our services. ITS THEIR DAY!!! (rant over)

On the way out after the service they headed off to Raithewaite Hall, newly built and fantastic from a photography point of view, the backdrops are stunning with views across rose gardens and perfectly mowed lawn teamed perfectly with bright blue skies and a hint of cloud.

We thoroughly enjoyed working at both venues and hope its not our last.