Both Lee and Janine came to meet us at our photography studio in Guisborough, they seemed a very fun loving couple to work with, so when they booked us for their wedding photography at Grinkle Park we were over the moon. Strangely enough this was the second wedding and in fact the second day of the weekend we worked at Grinkle Park.

The staff at Grinkle Park where making comments like ” you should just move in” and ” you should of just stayed the night?”, again we felt very welcomed there and as always greeted with a smile. Richard the wedding co-ordinator was as helpful as ever making sure we had enough time to get the wedding photography shots we needed.

Another cold day and another stampede to get back inside to get warm, this time I was ready and made sure I was at the back.

Grinkle Park second day running!!!!!

Grinkle Park Wedding



Lee and Janine where fantastic wedding clients and very easy to work with, From the moment Kirsty went to meet Janine getting ready in her room till we both left. Its nice to feel apart of the wedding day. I know we make sure its definitely the Bride and Grooms day and not like other wedding photographers that make the day about photographs, manhandling the bride and groom for the whole day.  But to be made to feel included in  the day makes us feel lovely and its what we like. Most of our wedding and indeed clients become friends of some kind, and friendship all starts working a wedding like yesterday. Certainly i feel like we have found some more friends to add to that list.


Congratulations to both of you.