So for those of you who know us, we have just added to our family with a new member Leah-Heather. She is now nearly 7 weeks old and finally we have had chance to get her in front of the camera.

She has changed our lives forever and for the best. Although Kirsty has stepped up her role mum as mum at the studio fantastically, she manages Leah and the handful that is Jace, who is now nearly 3, yet still able to create and do all her jobs within the business. Hats off to her for the resilience and determination to make things work. That determination has seen the business to where we are today.

Even under the most challenging circumstances still manages to keep both kid sin line, not forgetting giving me a quick kick to get me in line too.

So thank you kirsty for giving me a beautiful daughter who clearly gets her looks and fashion sense from her mum … thank god!

Hopefully we’ll be getting Leah back in the studio very soon….