kirstyjace modelling and photographyNow for you who don’t know us. Kirsty and I have been together for nearly two years now, we live with each other and work with each other, we have two dogs, a cat and fantastic son JJ. So for us to do a shoot as Model/Photographer is always difficult but a good laugh. Kirsty has always been nervous of working with me as I have strict eye for detail and have a certain level of photography i want to create and maintain.
However its been a while since we have worked together like this, so while we had the camera and chance to have a go at some shots we had been chatting about we did. Jace was at the child minders till six, so we closed the studio and started shooting.
And to be honest I think its been one of the best shoots we have ever done, I was over the moon with the results and Kirsty showed no sign of Nerves!
Kirsty is the love of my life and without her support and arse kicking we wouldn’t be here where we are now. Thanks Kirsty 