Jonathan and shelly’s special day was booked at St Cuthberts Church, Marton. A very quaint little church for its

surroundings.  Shelly arrived in a big old car from a touch of classic cars. It was nice to work with Tony from a touch of classic cars too, I have worked on and off with him for the past three years, but its always nice to see a friendly face.

I arrived a little early and had to stop myself from taking some pic of the collared doves sat on the gravestones around the church. Given my wildlife side of my profession.

Soon into my flow and capturing the guests as they arrived and its really nice to be able to take images through the cereomeny, something we can’t always do.

We did the group shots back at the Sporting lodge where the tables where set for a magical night.

Shelly and Jonathan looked very smart and really deserved a really lovely day.