Jonathan and Laure rushpool Hall hotel wedding photography

Jonathan and Laura’s wedding was the first day back from our family holiday, as they say no rest for the wicked. At least it was at a familiar and local venue with beautiful people.

The weather wasn’t quite on our side but we managed to get some beautiful images of family and friends in the ground at Rushpool Hall, as well as taking the Jonathan and Laura away from the hoards of congratulating guest and gave them a welcomed break, this is something that we are accustomed to.

From the ceremony most brides and groom get almost mobbed by the guests all offering their congratulations, lovely you might think, but to some couples the shear pressure of the day and the emotion of the ceremony it becomes a little too much, so once we have completed the guest shots its a welcome break to walk off just us and the bride and groom.

I think the images speak for them selves on this wedding what a beautiful couple.

Jonathan and Laura rushpool hall hotel weddings