Jamie and Lyndsay booked their wedding photography with us, what seems like ages ago.  We first met them at Luke and Victoria’s wedding at Raithewaite Hall in Sandsend, Whitby- North Yorkshire.

We felt honoured to be booked for wedding photography by them, as we do by any of our clients.  When any client books their wedding photography, we see it that they have enough confidence in our wedding photography and us to make that investment in booking us for their most important day of their life. But this stands for all jobs  whether it be for a wedding photography, commercial photography or portrait photography.

Their ceremony was at Sleights church which in, what feels like the coldest of days, was… fresh to say the least. So much so that my camera batteries where suffering loosing power. Luckily I we found some warm spots on Kirsty on the way to Grinkle Park  in Easington to get them going again.

Grinkle Park Wedding

Grinkle Park Wedding

It was nice to work with Tony from A touch of classic wedding cars, we have worked at various  wedding venues in various weather conditions, but it made it slightly easier because we both knew how each other worked.

Grinkle Park was a welcome sight with its warm friendly fire and staff.  You are always made to feel at home when you are working there, it has to be one of our favourite wedding venues.

Mind you on ant cold day, outside, it really doesn’t matter what wedding venue you are at, the guest  soon complain when you ask them outside for even just one shot. In this wedding we ended having a mini stampede to get back inside.

I’m just glad i wasn’t anywhere near it!

I have got to take my hats off to the guests, all dressed up in lovely dresses and suits, I had a base layer, t-shirt and our black uniform shirt plus a down jacket on and I was still freezing!

All in all the day was lovely, both Jamie and Lyndsay are terrific people who deserve to be with one another, they really made us feel at ease.

Congratulation to the both of you.