documentary photography

Documentary photography

The Independent Guisborough Project, I set up to highlight the plight of the the small businesses situated on the high street using a style of documentary photography.

This is the first blog of many as over the next few months I’m hoping to draw the project to a completion with the hopes to acquire funding to do a printed exhibition. I’m doing this free of charge and in my own time, in between client work and the good British weather.

So far I have spent at least 6 hours on the project and completed quite a few businesses, some I have to revisit to complete. Been a business owner myself I know how hard it is to be available to everyone, so I will be revisiting.

But I thought I would share just a couple of picture to show exactly what i’m trying to create. I love project work it get me out of the studio, away from the screen and i get to meet some fantastic companies, people and share a few second with everyone of them.  Even I am finding new business, some of which have been there for sometime and I keep finding new streets, businesses, upstairs office that need documenting ~ its going to be a hard documentary photography project to make sure i grab everyone.


documentary photography