Ian and Becky prewedding photoshoot discovery photography guisborough

We can’t stress enough the importance of a pre-wedding shoot, pre-wedding Nerves are enough without a photographer hanging around. Even though we constantly receive comments on how unobtrusive we are, we still need to capture the Bride and grooms special day which might mean having positions where we are a little more in the open and noticeable. The last things you want as a photographer is the groom turning his back to you because he doesn’t like having his picture taken. In essence it would ruin the wedding images, something we aren’t in the market to do.

So a pre-wedding shoot does help settle those nerves, getting in front of the camera, either at a location or our studio really helps. It breaks the ice. Settles any fears about a camera been pointed at you, something not everyone feels comfortable, no matter how many selfies you take, a full blown SLR is a little less conspicuous than a small iphone.

Ian and Becky where no exception, both felt nervous in front of the camera, it showed for the first few images but they did settle down and had some fun with the shoot, after all nothing will hurt you to have a little fun while a photographer is snapping away. Such a beautiful and loving couple when the camera isn’t pointed their way, but the ves really showed once the camera was firing.

Hopefully on their big day things will be a little easier as they are used to how we work as photographers and they will probably not even notice we are round giving some very nature shots.

Can’t wait to cover their wedding at the Wainstones hotel as its our last wedding of the year on the 29th of December!