Today I saw some commercial photography a local business had commissioned and published in the social media. It made me cringe, the images where badly lit, badly composed and really didn’t depict and reflect the quality and professionalism the business deserved.

A professional photographer should always look for detail in every image no matter what the subject is.

Commercial photography should tell a story, that story should a create a feel for the business its depicting, and that story should be told from a few strong images, portraying its professionalism, quality and service.

However these particular images where lit very badly, Showing colours, which you could tell from the shade difference across the image, not true to life. There is nothing worse for your client when their clients are choosing products and colours that aren’t depicted correctly. A light blue may in fact be more of a royal blue, but how can you expect a client to choose the correct product when it shown incorrect? photographers fault?

The staff shots where also lit too light making the staff appear to have a ghostly complexion, yet a lovely strong shadow halo’ed behind them. I prefer to show staff at their work station, doing what they do within the business, it shows each member has a role and allows the viewer to see that role. It also portrays a more relaxed subject, simply standing the staff up against a wall and shooting them (pardon the pun) does nothing but make them look like a criminal ( just without the number).

They also haven’t shown the fine detail, which I always focus on. The product detail and how well a product is put together, how the product is finished and true perfection.

For any business owner its the way you portray yourself to your clients and perspective clients that counts and generates new trade. Poor images gives an impression of a poor company so to get those images correct are the utmost importance. I know I always work closely with the business to find out its soul, what make it run and what characters the staff are before taking the images because, as they say, an image speaks a 1000 words………. Something to think about.