Grinkle Park hotel is our favorite wedding venue to work at and we jump at any opportunity to cover a wedding there. This wedding however was one for me and Stu to remember it was not your traditional style wedding everything about it was alternative, fantastic but different.

When we met Claire and James they are lovely people and we got on with them straight away they are very relaxed  but they knew what they wanted, after chatting to them we knew this was going to be no ordinary traditional wedding as that’s not who they are or what they wanted. To them this wedding was bringing a family together to start the new year not just showing there love for each other.  They didn’t want many traditional photos at all and no loved up just married ones of them two, But as they both looked amazing and their children were happy we did manage to convince them to have a couple in front of the christmas tree.

On the day of the wedding we found out we were right about it been no traditional day.  There was no white dress Claire came down the stairs at Grinkle Park wearing a beautiful black wedding dress, no bridesmaids , no isle they walked between the tables set up for the wedding afternoon tea ,no traditional vows, no signing of register,  no traditional i do’s. It was done how they wanted to do it, in a very relaxed laid back way.