For those of you who know my blogs you will remember a little project I have running of which I haven’t told anyone about other than I am working with various models… all to be revealed soon I Hope.

Cheryse is one of the most versatile models I have worked with, she always listens to instructions and to exactly what you have in mind, with this in mind she is also the bendiest model we know ( yep that’s right BENDIEST!)

I had a vision in mind for Cheryse to be bending backwards on a four poster bed, now the first was to obtain a four poster bed! Our friends at Gisborough Hall soon stepped up with that, and only been round the corner from our Photography Studio in Guisborough it made perfect sense.

Next was to get Chersye to do exactly I needed, the space was a little restrictive but i managed to get the image I wanted including the one above which i Think shows Cheryse in a natural and bendy fashion 😀