We seem to be booked on a regular basis for big family gatherings and this one was no different. Sarah booked us from Bridlington but was meeting the whole family at a house near whitby.

This was a mothers-day treat, so it was a difficult one for me, as i have a gorgeous other half who is the mum of my two children so I needed to there to sort IMG_8067mothers-day at home, but i also have a mum myself so i needed to be able to sort mothers-day for my mum.

However it panned out that an early start near whitby would mean i could do all three.  A tall order for me. We have to charge an extra fee for working on a Sunday, that’s any Sunday because its the only day we get with all our family off together so they are very precious to us.

I took not only family groups but also we did couples and individual children, afterall the shoot is an hour so you can fit as many different set ups as possible in there.

This shoot went without any hitch and i was soon on my way home.