The Harlands had had a family portrait a few years back and needing a new one approached us. Ann’s Husband had had a Gift voucher bought for him from his work as a Christmas present, this gift voucher was from us.

Squeezing a large group into our studio is always fun, but as we have had up to 28 people in there before, a large group of 14 would be a doddle. However squeezing a family altogether people who perhaps don’t get this close normally, might be an issue, but then saying that how many family sit watching coronation street sat on the sofa like the picture above? it certainly tests your shaving skills and a man.

We always work with the full group first giving the children time to settle before separating the individual family groups and then down the to children, by this time the children have settled and are used to whats going to happen – they nerves settle.

If you wish to book us for a family shoot the why not message us?