We where approached just before Christmas by the mum of one of the Stokesley golf ranges elite squad members (phew that was a mouthful). For there tutor she had the idea to get everyone together for a shoot, I added that each one could be posing slightly different to add a little variety.

With initial concerns about getting everyone together, two sittings where organised and the emails sent to the relevant parents.

The first sitting saw a number of young golfers arrive, Jace our four year old decided he wanted to help dad. With his camera firmly attached to my tripod he was ready. So was his voice – bossing the children around shouting who he needs next – hes going to make a great photographer when hes older.

Once the two sitting had been done, it was time for the magic to happen in editing suite. Each child was airbrushed and placed onto a new canvas and the resulting image came out just as planned, printed and framed ready for the presentation.

Fab result and the hard work and time paid off.