Chris and Karen are the closed most loving couple I’ve ever worked with, team that with a family of kids and dogs then WOW a winning combination in my mind.

Dunsley Hall is a forgotten and over looked wedding venue, we have worked there a couple of time and it seems to have moved forwarded massively.

The views across the countryside offer great photography opportunities and not forgetting the rooms, especially the one Chris and Karen where allocated for their wedding night. You can see by the image above how beautiful it was.

The show stopper on this day was indeed Cameron who had made a speech for Chris is step dad. It had everyone even me blubbering behind the camera. He couldnt fininsh it himself for becoming an emotional wreck. When he had calmed down a little he was hiding behind a glass and a fruiot shoot that was my chance SNAP image DONE! (eat you heart out Gordon Ramsay)Chris and Karen Dunsley hall wedding nr whitby Cameron